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Martial Arts Programs offered by Academic Training Traditions advance the holistic learning process toward the unification of body, mind, and spirit. The practice of martial arts connects one's physical skills and inner sense of self with a sharp awareness of the spatial and dynamic states experienced during interactions with others, and with the environment. Clearly, martial arts are designed to deal with uncooperative states, where self-protection from an aggressor may become the only recourse. However, when practiced as a 'way' toward self-completion, martial arts can help to process and subdue our own violent tendencies, internally and ritually, in a virtual environment. This fosters cooperation with others and facilitates productive assimilation into the general society.

Xing-Yi Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Isshin-ryu Karate are martial arts systems offered by Academic Training Traditions that we promote via regular classes and public seminars. Isshin-ryu karate was developed on the island of Okinawa. Xing-yi quan and bagua zhang are Chinese internal martial arts related to taiji quan. Regarding taiji quan, please see elswhere on this website: we offer regular classes in Wu style taiji quan for study as a martial art via the Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association; in addition, we promote the integration of taiji quan for health with qigong and yoga relaxation in regular classes and private seminars.*

Xing-Yi Quan (mind-formed fist) is a complete health and fighting system derived from 5 element theory. It is a straight forward martial art, but very profound at the same time. Xing-yi quan consists of linear actions that conceal powerful spiral and shearing energies, which are applied as rolling actions, mainly in the vertical plane.

Bagua Zhang (eight trigram palm) is a complete health and fighting system based on the concept of change put forth in the Yi-Jing. Bagua zhang is the most mysterious of all Chinese martial arts, from its unique practice of "walking a circle", to the many concealed tactical applications involving the open palm and circular turning methods.

Isshin-Ryu Karate (one-heart school) is a complete health and fighting system that fosters conditioning, personal awareness, and sound principles for empty hand and weapons forms and fighting applications.

Our martial arts classes provide a safe and fun environment for learning, but also develop a respectful attitude for the serious nature of the skills being learned. These arts represent superb methods for self-development and self-defense. The mental and meditative aspects of martial arts practices gradually instill a quiet confidence and prowess for dealing calmly with all manner of adverse interpersonal interactions.

A practitioner's development in the martial arts can be gauged by: (i) control and balance expressed in form demonstration, (ii) clear knowledge of skills and fighting applications embedded in the forms, and (iii) controlled skill and power during regulated application practice. Academic Training Traditions martial arts classes enable individuals to develop and accumulate these skills and attributes efficiently over time.

* For information on our philosophy and placement of taiji quan as a practice for everyone, and linking this martial art with    mind-body health, please click on the icon for Mind-Body Workshops.

* For regular classes and private seminars integrating taiji quan for health with qigong and yoga relaxation, please see our Classes    page and scroll down to the Mind-Body Workshops section.

* For regular classes in Wu style taiji quan as a martial art, please follow the link to Yin Cheng Gong Fa, or see also our Classes    page and scroll down to the Martial Arts section.